Privacy Policy

Emails are only sent by the Aish LA website to individuals whose information is collected on a at-will basis wishing to participate in our communications.  Aish LA will not disclose individual customer information to any third parties without the customer’s permission, and maintains its mailing list on a private, secure, internal database. An individual may opt out at any time by e-mailing Aish LA does not collect any individually-identifiable personal profile information from its customers, except when offered in the context of customer support.

Aish LA will only send someone updates by e-mail if they opt to receive them. A customer may opt-out at any time by e-mailing with 24 hours notice.  Aish LA will only view customer profile information in anonymized, aggregate form for statistical purposes.  Aish LA promises to amend this privacy policy as needed, and make it available online.  Any and all questions regarding privacy issues can be addressed by